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Remote Nonpartisan Research Spring Internship

In an age of "fake news" and political hyperbole, voters deserve factual, unbiased information to help them make informed decisions. Our Remote Internship Program offers positions in our Research Departments that will provide interns an insider's look into the 2020 election and modern politics. Interns work to provide voters with unbiased information by researching and collecting information on specific research areas about elected officials and candidates at both the state and federal level. The work of our interns empowers voters by allowing them to instantly research candidates without misdirection or partisan spin. 
Remote interns work with our Research Staff to train in database management and professional communication. Together, they work as a team to strategically accomplish weekly and monthly goals. Clocking in during business hours, remote interns will have supervision from a Research Associate and Research Director. Remote interns are valuable assets to our team by expanding the number of candidates and officials that can be researched. 
In 2018, Vote Smart Researchers delivered factual information on over 40,000 politicians, from all 50 state legislatures to the president, to over 11 million users. Vote Smart is highly regarded by all sides as a source for factual and truly nonpartisan info, having been cited by hundreds of news outlets nationwide and around the globe!

A great opportunity for anyone looking to start a career in politics, journalism, or data analytics. By fostering skills and a deep respect for nonpartisan cooperation, objective fact seeking, and big-data handling, this internship prepares individuals for politics and data driven careers beyond the 2020 election. 
Vote Smart Remote Interns will:
  • Gain valuable experience in nonpartisan research
  • Build primary and secondary research skills critical to working in a data-driven political era
  • Strengthen writing and communication skills, especially those related to interpersonal organizational communication
  • Gain impressive remote experience in a growing remote economy 
  • Apply and expand your learning about the American political system
Ideal candidates will:
  • Be able to set aside political beliefs and be objective and nonpartisan while working
  • Demonstrate strong research and writing skills
  • Have strong attention to details
  • Have upperclassman status (if you are not an upperclassman, you can still apply to be an on-site intern)
  • Have experience working independently
  • Access to a personal computer that is Windows 7.0+, macOS 10.11+, or Chrome OS 64.0+
Remote interns are able to work from the comfort of their own home and virtually work with Vote Smart. On the application form remote applicants should note their remote status under “additional information.” Remote Intern applicants must submit the following with their completed application form.
  • Resume 
  • Cover letter
  • Three professional or academic references
For additional information regarding the internship and receiving academic credit, you are encouraged to check out our website and internship program page.
Check with your internship coordinator BEFORE accepting to determine if this fits within the requirements of an academic internship.